Which power supply to power LED light?

    As an example of solutions for this category of applications, we can refer to the LDC series drivers with power from 35 to 80 W, which allows you to control CP LEDs (with constant power).

24v Power Supply for LED Lights

How to choose a LED driver for LEDs?

    The efficiency of an LED driver depends mainly on the matching of the connected LEDs to the supply voltage. The difference between the sum of the operating voltages of the connected LEDs and the supply voltage is the lower the driver’s efficiency. Therefore, 3 or more diodes are usually connected in series.

What kind of power supply for LEDs for the bathroom?

  A bathroom or kitchen. These power supplies have smaller dimensions than those of the POS series. So if you have little space to hide them, use a model of the GLP series. Photo: GLP waterproof LED power supplies with different wattages. You can buy the GLP power supply in the store.

Which power supply for LEDs?

    For LED strips, buy a power supply compatible with this type of lighting and do not use power supplies that are not designed for them. Do not use LED strips with the old AC transformers for halogen lighting, only with a power supply with constant DC voltage.

How to calculate the power of a LED strip?

    You should also supply power to one strip module, measure the current and multiply the result by the number of modules on the strip. This measurement reflects well the power consumption of the LED strip or strip.

LED power supply: usually use for LED strips

The voltage of the LED power supply is always specified, e.g., 12V or 24V. A LED power supply is like an electronic transformer, except that it usually outputs power at 1VA. A standard electronic transformer usually gives off its power only from about 40VA, depending on the size of the transformer. With LED power supplies, the LED lamp or bulb usually has a current limiter built-in.

The difference between a LED driver and a LED power supply is the circuit. With LED drivers, the current, and with LED power supplies, the voltage is predefined.

With LED drivers, the current is predefined.


With LED power supplies, the voltage is predefined.


Many LED strips are operated with LED power supplies. Here you have to pay attention to the operating voltage: 12V or 24V.

Power Wattage for LED Driver

LED Driver, the power of the light should be 20% lower than the LED driver

LED Driver put inside the downlight

Power Wattage of LED strips

Density of LEDs per foot, more LEDs per foot need

LED power supply, the power of the light is also better under 80% usage.

LED strip different LEDs and size the power is different

Type of LEDs

Now that we have decided on LEDs, we should look at how the current is supplied to the LEDs. The current that the LEDs need comes from an electric motor. If the engine does not have enough power to operate the LED, the lamps will dim out. To avoid this problem, opt for a high-power motor that can handle the current requirement of the diode.

The next thing that we will need to look at is the power supply for the LEDs. The main characteristic of a diode is that it can only generate current when a positive and negative voltage is applied. This voltage is determined by the inherent characteristics of the diode, namely the polarity of the electron, its total voltage, and the current capacity. To ensure that the diode current is correctly controlled, it is recommended that the diode is connected to its power source.

What power supply for the LEDs you will be connecting to your lights is entirely a personal decision. There are many power supplies on the market that can handle the current that the diode will be applying. However, for best results, you should use a diode that is capable of regulating its current. A diode that can be handled effectively will allow the diode current to be varied according to the ambient room temperature.

How to install a LED strip

  • Keep the sticking surface dry-clean and smooth
  • Paste and press the tape
  • Bracket fixing clips and fixed on the head, tail and bends of the LED strips
  • Connect the LED Power supply

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