400W Power Supply

  On common conditions, 400W power supply has an extensively wide application for advertising signs, advertising plaques, luminous characters, outdoor monitoring, LED light strips and industrial equipment, normally used indoor and outdoor.

  When you choose the ones used outside, a great number of interfering factors are supposed to be paid attention to. The outdoor ones should be with the functions of rainproof, easy installation, stable performance, fast heat dissipation and so on.

  Supposed that the outdoor using equipment is not waterproofed, when it comes up with rains, vast amount of water will flow inside, what is worst, water will rust the components, and consequently the power supply will not continue working. Besides, if the equipment cannot prevent dust strictly, it is also do harm to its working. Dust has the possibility to go inside, falling on the electric line. It is likely to bring about many problems that will cast negative impact such as to cause the short circuit and cause some other damages, more severely will result in property loss and casualty.

  All the defects seem to be worthy of putting emphasis on, however it is the disadvantages which you neglect that form the potential danger and gives rise to the affection to the normal work of the display, monitoring, and other equipment. There is also a huge labor cost for repair the power supply.

400 watt power supply

  And for indoor use, because most of the equipment is with fans, it will make little noise when the fan working, and where to install should be considered for Home Depot. Below, we have separated the 400W power supply into 4 types for you to read conveniently. 

400W Power Supply Standard Indoor EPS

60-12V indoor LED Power Supply
150-24V EPS Standard LED Power Supply
150-24V EPS Standard LED Power Supply
200-24V EPS Standard LED Power Supply
150-24V EPS Standard LED Power Supply
350-24V EPS Standard LED Power Supply
Series No.Power (W)AC input (V)DC output (V*A)Water LevelSize(mm)Weight (KG)PCS/CTNCTN Size

400W Power Supply Ultra Thin Indoor CPS

60-12V CPS Ultra Thin Power Supply
100-12V CPS Ultra Thin Power Supply
150-12V CPS Ultra Thin Power Supply
150-12V CPS Ultra Thin Power Supply
250-12V CPS Ultra Thin Power Supply
400-12V CPS Ultra Thin Power Supply
Series No.Power
AC input
DC output

400W Rainproof Power Supply FX

60-24V FX Rainproof Power Supply
100-12V FX Rainproof Power Supply
150-24V FX Rainproof Power Supply
200-24V FX Rainproof Power Supply
250-12V FX Rainproof Power Supply
400-12V FX Rainproof Power Supply
Series No.Power (W)AC input (V)DC output (V*A)Water LevelSize(mm)Weight (KG)PCS/CTNCTN SizeTotal KG

400W Rainproof Power Supply IP65 CFX

150-12V IP65 CFX Rainproof Power Supply
350-12V IP65 CFX Rainproof Power Supply
400-12V IP65 CFX Rainproof Power Supply
150-12V IP65 CFX Rainproof Power Supply
350-12V IP65 CFX Rainproof Power Supply
400-12V IP65 CFX Rainproof Power Supply
Series No.Power (W)AC input (V)DC output (V*A)Water LevelSize(mm)Weight (KG)PCS/CTNCTN Size

400W Rainproof Power Supply IP44 FXX

60-12V FXX Rainproof Power Supply
100-12V FXX Rainproof Power Supply
150-12V FXX Rainproof Power Supply
200-12V FXX Rainproof Power Supply
250-12V FXX Rainproof Power Supply
400-12V FXX Rainproof Power Supply
Series No.Power (W)AC input (V)DC output (V*A)Water LevelSize(mm)Weight (KG)PCS/CTNCTN SizeTotal KG

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SMT QC control

As a power supply manufacturer, SANPU is fully equipped, with an integrating sphere, constant temperature and humidity box, pressure tester, and other product performance evaluation equipment. All the power supplies are automated manufacturing. To be a good power supply supplier, we regard providing customers with high-quality, low-cost customized LED power supply, quality, and the delivery time as our aim. 

Wave soldering production

LED Driver production for Horticulture grow lights

In electronics manufacturing, LED Drivers are used in wave soldering production. This is a process in which electronic components are soldered onto a printed circuit board (PCB).


SMT PCB in Production

In surface-mount technology (SMT), grow light LED Drivers are used to solder components onto a PCB. This is done by heating the leads of the component so that they melt and flow into the exposed pads on the PCB.

Aging test of power supplies

Improve the efficiency of LED power supply aging, exclude bad, ensure the quality of power brand, and ensure the consumer group’s safety.

aging test

400W Power Supply

You can run nearly anything else, such as a microwave oven, TELEVISION, satellite system, computer system, illumination, and more. The 12v system on a Motor Home is not that challenging yet can quickly irritate the best of us.

 DC-DC power products enable you to connect electric devices right to automobile electrical outlets or similar sources that straight supply present or DC power. These power products are not one of the most frequently utilized, though. Browse DC-DC Power Supplies While DC-DC power supplies exist, the most usual type is the AC-DC kind.

 12V DC is more secure than 12V Air Conditioning. Body resistance decreased when the 12V A/C still might cause the dead, 12V DC will certainly not remain 100%. Nevertheless, the danger level of electrical shock to the human body generally relies on the size of the current travelling through the body and also the length of the energization time.

 A Switching DC power supply (also known as switch mode power supply) controls the outcome voltage with a procedure called pulse size modulation (PWM). The PWM process creates some high-frequency sound yet allows the changing power products to be constructed with very high-power efficiency and tiny form aspects.

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