500W Power Supply

When choosing a power supply, most of us will choose the power supply according to the unload of projects. When the accessories are stable, we believe that most of you have not had enough experience in the choice of a power supply.

Today we take the 500W power supply as an example to talk about what is necessary for a good 500 watt power supply. The required watts should be confirmed before selecting. We should know how to calculate it.

Load calculation method

1.Working voltage of the load (LED light group) = rated output voltage of the power supply. Example: LED modules with a rated voltage of 12 VDC to require a power supply with a rated output voltage of 12 VDC. If the rated output voltage is too low, it will result in insufficient brightness of the LED. If it is too high, it will reduce the LED Lights’ lifespan, and even cause damage to the LED lamp.

2.The total power of the load (LED lamp group) ≤ the rated output power of the power supply (in order to extend the lifespan, it is recommended to use 80% of the rated load). Deviation of power supply should be prevented. Use the instrument to test its actual power before use, and calculate according to the measured data to avoid that the total power of the LED lamp is bigger than the rated power of the power supply, otherwise it will cause the overloading of the products or instability.

3.Number of LED lamp groups = rated output power of the power supply / a single LED lamp group’s power.

500 watt power supply

After knowing the unload, there are some other considerations. Make sure that the voltage meets the requirements before powering on. When using the three-phase four-wire power, the neutral wire area should be twice bigger than the phase wire.

The neutral wire is forbidden to switch. The power switch should be with leakage and over current protection, and a knife is forbidden to switch on. You need to wire according to the data of the power supply terminal. The input and output cords can’t be connected reversely.

When the output voltage is low and the current is big, the cord should be large enough and the connection should be reliable. The conductor diameter, which is suitable for the terminal: 20 – 11 AWG (0.5 – 4.2 mm2).

Make sure that the 500w power supply has good heat dissipation. It should be installed in a well-ventilated environment and cannot be used under sealed conditions. Do not block other objects within 20cm on the cooling fan which will disturb the heat dissipation of the power supply.

In order to extend the service time of the product, it is recommended to use the unload under 80% of the rate. From above, we know the standards for a good power supply.

Like the 500 watt power supply of Xinreal, it has high efficiency with sufficient power and the protection of overload, over-voltage, and short circuit. With good quality materials and an excellent reputation, Xinreal will take charge of your project.

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