Dimmable LED Power Supply

How to choose a dimming LED power supply.

The current dimmable led power supply can be divided into wireless dimming system (ZigBee, WIFI, 2.4GHz), SCR dimming led power supply, 0-10v dimming power supply, DALI dimming power supply, PWM dimming power supply, led dimmer power supply, led dimming drive, wireless dimming driver (ZigBee, WIFI, 2.4GHz). Recently, LED has been widely used. LED is a semiconductor component. Initially, it is used as an indicator light. Gradually, LED is used for lighting. With the improvement of LED display technology and the maturity of LED products, LED products have been widely used in stage background display and live broadcast display and become a necessary set and color effect tool.

With the continuous development of the industry, the breakthrough of technology, and the promotion of application, the light efficiency of LED is also improving. LED application product manufacturing is an essential part of the whole industrial chain. The application and processing technology level determines the final product’s quality. High-quality products can bring high added value. LED is a tiny chip encapsulated in epoxy, so it’s small. And the cold light-emitting technology makes its heat output much lower than ordinary lighting lamps. Furthermore, LED is made of non-toxic materials, unlike fluorescent lights containing mercury, which will cause pollution. At the same time, LED can also be recycled.

There is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, neither heat nor radiation, small glare, cold light source, safe to touch, which is a typical green lighting source. Therefore, LED has a wide application.

LED Dimmable Power Supply

Because of the wide use of LED lighting, LED dimmable power supply has begun to be applied in intelligent lighting and other engineering fields with different requirements. The selection of it becomes tremendously important. SANPU is a new force in the Chinese interpretation of modern concepts, full of practical and aesthetic value. The whole process, from design to production, always pursues nature and environmental protection, safety, and practicality. We perfectly combine modern people’s innovative ideas. The enterprise culture has been demonstrated with a rigorous, realistic style and excellent quality.

We can provide you with a highly qualified dimmable LED power supply. In addition to being stable, smooth, and flicker-free, the dimmable LED power supply must be compatible with various dimming systems.

The following lists of our existing dimming LED power supply will help you decide how to choose it.

0/1-10V and Triac LED Dimmable Power Supply

0/1-10V Triac Dimmable LED Power Supplies Waterproof CHRS Model

2.4G Dimmable LED Power Supply

2.4G Dimmer LED Power Supplies Aluminum Case CPST Model

2.4G Dimmer LED Power Supplies Plastic Case PCT Model


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