Waterproof LED Power Supply

Waterproof LED Power Supply

Lamps and lanterns are indispensable whether in a public place or a family environment. Especially at night, lamps and lanterns bring us light and great convenience for our life. According to different application places, it is generally divided into outdoor lamps and indoor lamps. Usually speaking, waterproof level of outdoor lamps generally needs to reach the waterproof level from IP65 strong water spray test level to IP68 pressurized diving level because the weather outside is unpredictable; light rain, heavy rain, rainstorm, and even being submerged are all possible from time to time. If the waterproof measures are in place, causing damage, the application effect could be better.

It should have been a beautiful scene, but it will be damaged. The function of LED waterproofing is to avoid being eroded by water. The selection of waterproof materials must be cautious. From the research and design of materials to production, each process must be strictly implemented according to the requirements. SANPU is a company that is always served from the perspective of customers and believes that the quality of products and services should always be given the highest priority. Relying on the unremitting efforts of every employee, the policy of “quality first” is implemented from the beginning to the end, and all efforts should be made to create and provide products and services that can win customers’ satisfaction and trust.

Rainproof LED Power Supply

SANPU can provide products up to the standard and far better than the standard, which will meet your requirement. Customer satisfaction implies our success. We have a young, professional, and high-quality research team to create a series of powerful products with high quality. The company continues to consider the market demand and absorb valuable customer suggestions. Besides, we constantly integrate advanced technology at home and abroad for further improvement. We can provide a perfect waterproof led power supply and rainproof led power supply.

From the water level, we note that IP65 is rainproof for outdoor rain, and IP67 and IP68 are waterproof and can be put inside the earth or water. It is universally known that waterproof and rainproofed led power supplies are significant.

For you to select easily, separate the series into six types.

Rainproof LED Power Supply

Outdoor Waterproof LED Power Supply


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