What is the best LED POWER SUPPLY for a 5 m LED Strip?

A properly selected power supply for an LED strip is one of the key elements of the entire LED lighting system. LED is modern and very demanding technology.

The way LEDs work and their specific parameters require an exact choice of power supply. Which power supply for LED strips is the best choice? Let’s see.

What is an LED power supply?

LED 12v power supplies convert 230V alternating current, which flows in conventional sockets, into 12 V direct current. Only in such a situation will the lighting from LED strips work without failure. Of course, this applies to strips requiring 12 V DC, but such models are the most common in the market offer.

LED strips 230 V are chosen much less often. Thanks to the LED power supply, all elements of the lighting set work correctly, and there are no significant problems during installation. There are LED transformers that generate AC voltage, and variants provide DC voltage at the output. Voltage stabilization ensures good durability, long life, and high quality of light work.

Good power supply = cost optimization.

The correct functioning of the LED strip can be easily transferred to economic aspects. It is certainly not worth saving on the power supply. Poorly adapted models or inferior quality will affect the correct operation of LED lighting. 

Power supply with insufficient parameters is also not so easy to replace. This device is usually mounted in a difficult-to-access place, so its disassembly means trouble, loss of time, and, of course, money. After all, the cost of buying a new power supply is not small. Therefore, it is better to carefully analyze what power supply for LED tape should turn out to be the most suitable.

The choice of power supply for the LED strip is a significant point when installing this type of lighting. The decision on the quality and variety of power supply affects the subsequent use of such LED strip. There are power supplies for different kinds and other purposes on the market. Before buying the power supply, contact professionals in the industry and advise them to choose the best power supply.

Why is the choice of power supply for LED strips so critical?

The choice of power supplies for LED strips is significant for a simple reason. It allows us to avoid further costs of replacing the power supply later. And another thing: we will save time, which we will lose later when dismantling the power supply. Very often, they are placed in hard-to-reach places.

An essential issue is also the voltage of the power supply: If we choose the wrong parameters, we are likely to burn the LED tape. In the best case, we will significantly shorten its life.

How to choose the LED power supply for the 5m LED strip?

If you decide to choose the power supply yourself, you must first intensively familiarize yourself with the parameters of the purchased LED strip. They are decisive for our decision to buy a power supply.

The more powerful the strip, the larger the power supplies. It is better 20% power reserve to accommodate the LED strip.

How many meters of the strip is enough for the LED power supplies?

For example, an LED strip that consumes 72 W on a 5-meter roll should be powered by 90 W of power.

The ideal solution for this type of tape will be the LED power supplies manufacturer Mean Well – LPV-100-12.

AC input 100-240V Output Voltage 12V DC 24V DC output

ModelPower/ WVOUT / DCFanSize/ mm
PF12-W1V12W12/24Air cool139 * 30 * 22
PF20-W1V20W12/24Air cool139 * 55 * 28
PF35-W1V35W12/24Air cool151 * 40 * 30
PF60-W1V60W12/24Air cool165 * 42 * 32
PF75-W1V75W12/24Air cool178 * 44 * 32
PF100-W1V100W12/24Air cool192 * 52 * 37
PF120-W1V120W12/24Air cool192 * 52 * 37
PF150-W1V150W12/24Air cool192 * 52 * 37

Dimmable power supply

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How to select a LED power supply for LED 5m Strip Lights?

Then you can be sure that the power supply is well-chosen. If you choose independently, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the parameters of the LED strip because they affect the fit of the power supply.

A more powerful tape is always automatically associated with a larger power supply.

And it should be remembered that each LED power supply has a maximum load power that can be connected to it.

How many meters of LED STRIP LIGHTS can the LED power supply handle?

Power consumption

LED Lighting project with a power rating of about 90 W will easily handle a five-meter LED strip that consumes 72 W. A good model would be the Mean Well LPV-100-12, for example. Just don’t forget that you need about 20% of the power reserve for the consumption of the strip so that the whole system works trouble-free.

Lighting installation

Wall Mounted

Dimmers LED Fixtures Display, Sign, and Speciality LED Fixtures Connectors, Wire, and Accessories Tape and Strip Light

What LED drivers do you require, and where is the best place to buy them?

When choosing a power supply model, you need to answer a few questions. First, you need to determine the required power of the device, depending on the parameters of the LED strip. In addition, it is important where and how it will be mounted. The power supply dimensions, the type of housing (aluminum or plastic), and, most importantly, waterproofing play a role.

You need to choose the best waterproof models in places directly exposed to moisture. High-quality power supplies of this type (IP67) are available on the market, working correctly even when completely submerged in water. They can also be small and still have high performance. Such power supplies can be used to create highly stable and extensive lighting systems.

However, the installation location of the power supply is critical in terms of possible failure so that it is easily accessible. In any case, it is worth selecting proven models from reputable manufacturers that ensure easy installation and economical and ergonomic operation.

LED driver Details

Where to buy a good LED power supply for the LED strip?

It is worth consulting professionals who deal with LED lighting.

Each of them should quickly help select a power supply for LED strips. If you have such a problem with the choice of power supply, please contact: info@smpspower online store has a wide range of power supplies on offer.


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