Waterproof LED Power Supply: Everything You Need To Know

The importance of Lamps and lights during the night is indispensable. At present, LED lights are rapidly replacing the traditional light bulbs such as incandescent and fluorescent lighting applications. In this context, the role of LED power supplies is becoming crucial in LED lighting. LED lighting applications are broadly classified into outdoor LED lights and indoor LED lighting applications. The inception of LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry with numerous advantages over conventional options. Nowadays, outdoor LED lamps are, therefore the need for outdoor waterproof LED power supplies is continuously growing.

An LED power supply or LED driver significantly enhances and influences the performance and stability of LED lights. Due to the paramount importance of LED power supplies , they are often considered as the brain of an LED lighting system and applications. In this blog, we will discuss some common questions and answers about LED power supplies, LED drivers, waterproof LED power supplies , etc. Kindly consider this blog a must-read if you would like to know everything about LED power supplies.

#1 Why Do You Need LED Power Supplies Or LED Drivers:

In simple terms, LED lighting applications cannot work without the support of a dependable and reliable LED power supply. It cannot function without the three most vital components; a functioning chipset that emits the light, the driver that regulates the energy and voltage to the light source, and, the heat sink which is used to cool down the unit. LED driver is the most vital component that is used to convert power to generate lights. There is no substitution of these drivers for converting electricity efficiently.

Waterproof LED Power Supplies

#2 What Is An AC LED Driver?

AC stands for alternating current. AC LED driver is used to step down the input voltage current and covert it to a lower output voltage to meet the small voltage needs of LED lighting applications, usually 12 or 24 volts. AC LED drivers can only work for LED bulbs that have an internal AC to DC converter.

#3 Can LED Power Supplies Be Used For Outdoor Applications?

LED drivers with a rating of IP67 and IP68 can be used in outdoor applications. Nowadays, top manufacturers are producing waterproof LED power supplies (IP68) that can withstand strong water spray test levels and pressurized diving levels. There are some rainproof power supplies for CCTV that have IP68 ratings and are fully protected from dust and can endure water submergence to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

#4 Do LED Power Supplies Support Dimming?

If your LED applications require any special features like dimming, you must choose a quality LED power supply that is equipped with flicker-free dimming capabilities. Choose your LED driver from respected and reputed brands that offer a wide range of LED power supply systems and applications .

Meet With The Most Trusted Waterproof LED Power Supply Manufacturer:

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