The meaning of LED power supply nameplate

What are the abbreviations of Prim. and Sec. on the LED power supply?

The LED power supply transforms 220V AC power into DC voltage of several volts to tens of volts to drive LED beads. This circuit will use a transformer to change the 220V high voltage to a few tens of low voltage, so the high voltage input of the transformer is called PRIM.

(primary) On the primary side, the main pole side is a high voltage that is more dangerous, transformer tens of volts of low voltage output terminal called SEC.(secondary) secondary side.

What is the meaning of the symbol on the LED power supply?

CE and RoHS certification, double insulation can be used in general combustible surfaces, indoor use, not to be disposed of in the trash.

What is the meaning of the silkscreen symbol on the LED driver?

  1. Indoor installation.
  2. Flammable symbol.
  3. Freestanding.
  4. Short circuit resistant safety isolation transformer.
  5. Temperature protection.
  6. Not to be discarded at will.

What does the M (there is a triangle outside) logo on the LED power supply means

MM logo, indicating that the product can be used in furniture.

What is the distinction between the “power supply” and “driving power supply” of LED lights?

In summary, an LED motorist is likewise a changing power supply, yet it has a few unique features, which are likewise usual to this changing power supply. Thus, it is customary to categorize it as an LED chauffeur. These unique features are:

1, its outcome voltage is a several of 3.2, the voltage results in the form of 3.2V, 6.4V, 9.6V, 12.8V, and so forth. The voltage outcome is 3.2V, 6.4V, 9.6 V, 12.8V, and 25.6V. And this voltage is not constant but changes with the load to accomplish the function of continuous existing.

2, Its output current is constant; the perfect circuit is despite how the particular curve of the LED adjustments, the current of the drive power supply continues to be the same. Yet restricted to the precision of the parts, there will be a small amount of change. This modification is also a vital specification to figure out whether the chauffeur circuit is outstanding.

3, It is a soft-start. Since the LEDs’ bad uniform, the internal PN junction modifications instantaneously throughout conduction. So the LED driver is generally created for a soft begin to prevent this flaw.

4, it is one of the most precise circuit needs because the circuit is needed to be set up in a tiny area to match the ease of LED lights, so the circuit should be as easy as possible, which can also save expenses lower energy usage.

5, it usually does not need isolation because numerous items are similar to the same framework of regular lighting; security can be the same as illumination. Still, this Short article 5 is an “optional analysis,” we do not have misunderstandings when understanding. Some drivers still need seclusion. This attribute is suitable for our existing famous circuit and is not always appropriate for future circuit advancement requirements.

In recap, it can be considered: soft beginning, constant current, action voltage, a short circuit is its attributes.

Right here once more: the focus on the side of consistent existing, yet closed without stating the voltage, is not correct since the concept of constant current has nothing to do with voltage, such as a power supply, so 30V result constant existing, then when you open the circuit, its voltage is 30V, if you attach the LED, after that this direct work with the PN junction components, will undoubtedly be in the most accurate circuit before the reaction melted,

Since any circuit requires a reaction time and the job of the training course is the semiconductor, the PN junction in the power supply provides a sampling signal to respond. The LED PN joint directly began to work, so its “reaction” than the circuit “several PN joints with “to come promptly, shed in advance! Indeed, there are unique celebrations with this drive, yet this LED drive does not allow the result side to open up circuit,

To be specific, “do not permit the outcome to be linked to the LED after the open circuit.” So in the constant presence simultaneously, we need to include the concept of voltage to do, not to mention that this is more for recognizing the LED transmission function contour.

What is the distinction between LED changing power supply and driving power supply?

In summary, the LED driver is also a changing power supply. Still, it has a couple of unique attributes and the commonness of this changing power supply, so it is customary to classify it as an LED driver.

These unique features

Its voltage output is a several of 3.2V. The voltage results in the form of 3.2V, 6.4V, 9.6V, 12.8V, however ordinary, not bigger than 25.6V. Since after exceeding this number, when switching on the LED, the possibility of instantly stressing out the last transmission of that LED will undoubtedly occur due to the inadequate uniformity of the product. And this voltage is not continuous; it is altering with the load to accomplish continuous existence.

Its output current is constant, and the suitable circuit keeps the current drive power supply stable despite how the particular contour of the LED modifications. But restricted to the precision of the elements, there will certainly still be a percentage of adjustment; this modification is likewise a crucial parameter to identify whether the chauffeur circuit is exceptional. The LED transmission as a function of voltage is a non-linear “three-stage” partnership, so it is essential to keep continuous current.

It is a soft start. Since the LED consistency is terrible and the task of the interior PN joint adjustments instantaneously during conduction, the LED chauffeur is usually developed for soft-start to avoid this defect.

It has the most specific circuit requirements since many times, the circuit is required to suit a tiny space to match the comfort of LED lighting, so the course ought to be as easy as feasible, which also saves prices and decreases power consumption.

It typically does not call for isolation since many items are similar to the same structure as standard illumination; security aspects can be the same as lighting. But this first is an “optional reading,” we do not misconstrue when comprehending. Some vehicle drivers still need isolation. This function is just applicable to our present renowned circuit and not necessarily appropriate for the future growth of the circuit needs.

To recap, it can be considered that: soft beginning, constant existing, step voltage, a short circuit are its characteristics.

What does the certification symbol on the LED power supply nameplate mean?

1. non-intrinsic short-circuit protection; i.e., safety isolated

2. stand-alone controller symbol

3. indicates the control device for lamps that can be placed directly on combustible surfaces at or below 130 degrees

4. is overheat protection

5. double M, indicating that the temperature does not exceed 95 degrees during regular operation and does not exceed 115 degrees when abnormal

6. low voltage

7.8. IP rating

9. It seems to be the Russian GOST certification


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