How to LED light strip color change properly connect LED strip

LED tape, a few quick connectors, a power supply – an LED transformer, a controller (for RGB LEDs), and ordinary household scissors – these five things are already enough to implement many great lighting projects. And so that everything works properly in the end, we show you how to connect LED-led light strip color change correctly.

LED strip/tape shorten, cut

Before you get started, you need to cut the LED tape to the length you need. (Unless you have ordered the LED-led light strip color change in individual desired size at LEDLager ;)) You can usually cut an LED strip every three to five LEDs on a marked line if you take the scissors yourself. When cutting, be sure to follow it precisely so as not to damage the circuit board.

If you use an LED ribbon or LED stripe with silicone or rubber coating (IP 44, IP 65 protection class), the coating must also be removed at the soldering points to be able to connect the ribbon later. It is essential to proceed carefully here as well. An RGB strip can usually be shortened every 10cm. You should pay attention to the places marked by the manufacturer. 

RGB LED strip shorten correctly

marked with a blue line) where this RGB strip can be shortened. In addition, you can see on the photo the 3 Farbkanaläe on the board. From top to bottom: 12V+ conductor, G = green, R = red and B = blue. When connecting, make sure that the channels are correctly connected to another RGB strip!

We are connecting/plugging together LED strips.

LED strip corner connector 90

Now the led strip can be easily connected with the help of so-called quick connectors without soldering. To do this, loosen the front clip of the clip connector, pass the LED strip through it so that the two or, in the case of RGB strips, four copper conductors lie flush under the connector’s pins, then close the clip again. Repeat the whole process for the second strip. Make sure that the + and – poles of all LED strips are connected correctly. 

Never connect + and – poles directly to each other, as this will cause a short circuit!

To connect LED led light strip color change and layover corners, corner connectors and cable connectors are usually equipped with so-called quick connectors. These can be opened, inserted into the LED strip, and then closed again. When buying, it must pay attention to whether it is an RGB connector or a connector for single-color LEDs and what width the LED strips have so that the connectors also fit the LED strip (e.g., 8mm or 10mm).

By the way, with a T-connector and a four-pole pin 4 you can also connect an RGB controller to the strips, but more about that later.

The power supply: Make the right choice

12V LED power supply with socket

Once that’s done, it’s time to connect. For operation, LED strips need an LED transformer or power supply. But beware: an LED strip cannot be operated with any transformer at will. First, you have to pay attention to the same voltage, e.g., a 12V LED strip, or a 24V LED strip. You can determine the power consumption of the LED strip by multiplying the wattage per meter by the length of the processed strip. 

48W – 12V DC LED transformer for LED strip

At least 60 watts. Why 60 watts – 5 meters * 12 watts is 60 watts. However, the transformer should not be loaded to 100%. As a buffer, you should plan at least 20% reserve power. Since LED strips are operated with DC (direct current), only DC power supplies and transformers can be used. A transformer that supplies AC = alternating voltage is not suitable and would damage the LED strip!

The electrical connection of LED strips to a power supply unit

A LED-led light strip color change to the power supply is connected by connecting the V+ and V- poles of the power supply with those of the LED strip. It is essential to notice correct polarity. Otherwise, the LED strip will not light up. Optionally, a dimmer can be installed between the transformer and the strip for single-color LED strips. For RGB LEDs, a led controller must be interposed to switch on/off or change colors.

Connecting the RGB LED strip to an RGB controller

Connect RGB LED Controller correctly

Connecting the RGB LED controller correctly

RGB LEDs have a four-wire connection cable, consisting of a positive connection (black or white) and a red, green, and blue wire with negative polarity. The cable ends are connected accordingly for the link: The red wire goes into the R terminal, the green into “G” and the blue into “B.” The black wire goes into the V+ pole of the controller. Now the controller has to be connected to the power supply via a low voltage connection cable. To do this, the black wire of the cable is connected to the V – terminal on the power supply unit, the red wire to V+. The cable plug goes into the coupler of the controller marked “POWER.” Finally, for the mains connection, lead the cable ends of the supply line into the terminals provided for this purpose: Outer conductor (usually brown or black) – to the terminal “L,” neutral conductor (blue) to ” N” and protective conductor (yellow/green) to the terminal with the protective conductor sign.

LED tape warm white

The maximum operating length of LED strips is limited. 12V systems should or can supply no more than 10 meters, 24V systems no more than 15 LED meters at a time. Otherwise, there may be color and brightness differences in the LED led light strip color change, excessive heat generation, and board defects. If you want to install longer RGB strips, an RGB signal amplifier must always be connected after a 5m RGB band. This “refreshes” the control signals and supplies another 5m stripe with power. This system can thus be extended to up to 50m LED Stripe.


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