How to choose a LED power supply suitable for LED strip lights

LED strips can only be operated with 12 or 24 volts of direct current. Translated from Polish into our language, the strip should be connected to the LED strip’s power supply with the appropriate power and voltage. A missing or incorrectly chosen power supply for the LED strip can have serious consequences, as it can pose a health risk and damage the equipment.

How do I know how to choose a power supply for the strip?

After all, LED strips are different, they have other LEDs’ extra power, and they need different lengths for various applications.

What kind of power supply to choose?

From the store listing itself, I can see that there are different types:

How do I connect the power supply to the LED strip?

What to do with the power supply, where and how to hide it?

What type of power supply to choose?

Xinreal LED store currently offers the following types of power supplies for LED strips:

AC input side 100-240V 110V/220V, DC output 12V 24V

Lighting installation In what cases should they be used?

The IP factor indicates the degree of waterproofing and protection against the penetration of solid objects. IP20 means the following degree of protection: protection against foreign objects with a diameter of 12.5 mm and more and no protection against water.

IP40 means protection against foreign objects with a diameter of 1 mm or more and no protection against water.

IP67 means that the tape is dustproof and waterproof (protection against brief immersion in water).

Therefore, a waterproof power supply should be selected in areas exposed to dirt and moisture. In other cases, it may be IP20 or IP40, depending on the conditions.

Selection of the suitable power supplies model

Selection of the suitable power supplies model for the LED Lighting project

We use a switching power supply with a minimum efficiency of 85% to supply LEDs without dimming. As a result, our power supply does not consume unnecessary electricity, positively affecting electricity bills. LED driver, LED Control Systems.

When selecting a LED power supply, always consider whether Output Voltage for 12 volt or 24-volt power strips.

A LED power supply is a professional power supply that efficiently dissipates heat thanks to its stamped metal housing. This is a good application in insufficiently ventilated rooms, for example. It is also a good choice when using a higher power supply.

Built-in power supplies are ideal for home applications, especially if you want to power strips in cabinets or wall units. Due to their small size, their installation is not a problem.

Mean Well IP67 Plastic power supplies are a series of professional waterproof power supplies with an extended warranty that can be used in places exposed to dust and moisture.


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