How to calculate the power of the LED driver for LED?

How to calculate the power of the LED driver for LED?

Multiply the Power/m x Length (expressed in meters) of the light strip, i.e.: 14.4 W/m x 5 m = 72 W. The correct power supply must have a power of 35W (or 20% more than the absorption of the LED strip).

The Constant current power supply provides a fixed output current and may have wide output voltages.

Constant Voltage vs. Constant Current Drivers

Light Fixtures constant current driver

LED light result is symmetrical to its present supply, and also LEDs are ranked to operate within a particular present variety (measured in amps).

The Constant current drivers’ Module LED Drivers Product Selection

1-3W LED Driver

1-3W LED Driver (Use 3 years)

Input Voltage: 85-265V

Size:40*26*19 mm

AC230V load test

Output voltage range: 3-12V

Output Current: 280-300mA

AC230V no-load test: Output Voltage: 3-27V

(Danger! No-load testing is forbidden, and the test data is inaccurate.)

3w led driver

Constant voltage driver

The LED drivers split as constant current and constant voltage. The Constant voltage LED drivers to provide a fixed output current and may have a wide range of output voltages.

Constant-Voltage drivers require a fixed output voltage with a maximum output current.

Usually is 12V DC or 24V DC. In example 60W, the output voltage is 24V DC, and the output current is a maximum of 2.5A.

Product Wiring

200W LED Power Supplies

Product Dimension(mm)

200W Power Supplies
Input VoltageOutput Voltage

How do I purchase a LED driver for LED Lights?

AC LED drivers are typically used to power 12-24V AC input LED MR16 bulbs, but they can be used for any 12-24V AC input LED bulb. 

Every LED light source requires a driver. The question should be whether you need to purchase one separately.

It is an essential piece to an LED circuit, and to operate without one will undoubtedly cause a system failure. Using one is critical for protecting against damages to your LEDs, as the forward voltage (V f) of a high-power LED changes with temperature level.

An LED light driver is somewhat like cruise control in a car, and the power level required changes throughout the LED’s temperature increases and decreases.

Safety Standards Environmental Standards Power Supply Guides User Manuals

Which LED Driver power supply for LED lights?

In lighting, the use of the high power LED also underlines the problem of enhancing the transfer efficiency. LEDs run on low voltage direct current

AC LED drivers are typically used to power 12-24V AC input LED MR16 bulbs, but they can be used for any 12-24V AC input LED bulb. 

An LED driver is a self-contained power supply that regulates the power required for an LED or array of LEDs. 

Since constant currents LED light output to keep a consistent brightness, they are usually utilized for indicators, back-lighting, and business LED screens. LED light output Constant Voltage. On the other hand, constant voltage forward voltages are developed for LEDs that need a set output voltage with an optimal output current.

AIR CONDITIONER LED drivers are generally used to power 12-24V air conditioner input LED MR16 light bulbs. However, they can be used for any 12-24V AC input LED bulbs.

These LEDs require one stable voltage, typically 12V DC or 24V DC.

How do I choose a LED Driver?

When choosing the right LED driver for your application, it will be essential to keep several factors in mind, including deciding the maximum power level (expressed in Watts) for our transformer; checking whether the LED system we want to mount needs (or not) constant voltage or constant current; deciding whether to install constant current or constant voltage to stay clear of damaging your LEDs.

Our option of LED drivers likewise consists of air conditioning LED drivers made for LEDs that require an a/c voltage input, programmable LED drivers, dimmable LED motorists, and drivers approved for outdoor usage.

External LED Drivers

Internal driver


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