Are All LED Lights need LED Driver?

LED lights all need driver protection.

1, because LED is a characteristic sensitive semiconductor device, and has a negative temperature characteristic, LED drive power (also called a driver) is in the application process to protect stable working conditions.

2, LED devices on the drive power requirements are close to demanding. LED is not like ordinary incandescent bulbs, can be directly connected to 220V AC mains. LED is a low-voltage drive. It would help if you designed a complex conversion circuit, different LED lights, and equipped with other power adapters.

Design a suitable power supply must be a careful consideration of efficiency conversion, adequate power, constant current accuracy, power life, electromagnetic compatibility of these factors because the role of the power supply in the entire lamp is as important as the human heart.

Role of an LED driver.

LED driver power supply is the key to LED lamps and lanterns. It is like a person’s heart. To manufacture high-quality, lighting LED lights and lanterns must give up the constant voltage to drive LED.

Constant current source

The drive is the best way to drive the LED. Using constant current source drive, without series current limiting resistors in the output circuit, the current flowing through the LED is not subject to external power supply voltage changes, ambient temperature changes, and the LED parameter’s discrete impact.

And LED parameters discrete impact so that the current can keep constant, giving full play to the excellent characteristics of LEDs.

LED constant current power supply to power LED lamps because the power supply will automatically detect and control the current flowing through the LED during the work. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the moment of power on the too-high current LED, and no need to worry about the load short circuit burned power supply.

Using constant current drive method, it can avoid the LED forward voltage change caused by the recent change, while the constant current to make the LED brightness stable, but also convenient for LED lighting factory to implement mass production when

To ensure the consistency of the product, so many manufacturers have been fully aware of the importance of the drive power supply. Many LED lighting manufacturers have abandoned the constant voltage method and slightly higher cost constant current way to drive the LED lamps.


Ena Leung

Ena Leung

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