220V LED Lamp driving principle

LED lamp driving principle

Forward voltage drop (VF) and forward current (IF) relationship curve, from the curve, can be seen when the forward voltage exceeds a certain threshold (about 2V), which is commonly known as the on-state voltage IF can be approximated as proportional to VF. See the table is the current electrical characteristics of the main ultra-high bright LED. As can be seen from the table, the highest IF of the current ultra-high bright LEDs up to 1A

LED strip working principle

Each section is a unit; each unit has a fixed number of light-emitting diodes and distribution of current limiting resistors. In the cutting time to cut off by department, otherwise, this section will not light up. Each unit is connected to withstand the power supply voltage, DC 200V, 24V, 12V, 5V, etc. Among them, the power supply and the strip connection have positive and negative points.

LED 220v strip light internal structure

Mainly by a rated power transformer, and parallel connection of led lamp beads (if the flicker transformation and control circuit)

12V and 220V strip lights, how to do to connect to an electric

12v light strip light through the driver transformer, the driver’s input is also 220v voltage. So in the 220v input (zero wire firewire), the following 22v strip and drive in parallel, and then the driver output directly connected to the 12v strip can be.

I want to use 220v led bulbs to drive a 12v strip. I should try how to connect the strip in series: 1, you measure the 220V lamp to the circuit board that a white a red line of DC voltage is how many volts 2, disconnect the red cable, connect an ammeter in series, measure how much current 3, measure the 12V strip current how much if can wire the match to use directly. If there is a difference, say how much the difference, to help you calculate how to connect to pay attention to safety!

Multiple light-emitting diodes use LED strips in series; the power adapter is designed according to the voltage required by each unit. If you arbitrarily cut it will damage the ribbon and power box.

How is the strip wired?

The first thing to do is to confirm whether it is high voltage or low voltage. If it is low-voltage, you can look carefully at the top of the strip; every three beads, there are two dots, the line can be welded to the top of the dots. High-voltage on pins plugged up, connected to the plug to connect 220v voltage on the line. All the beads are all in series with the strip; you need to click the capacitor ballast type constant current driver (a better switch type constant current driver, suitable for driving low voltage strip). The two pins of the driver plug are inserted into the core of the lamp’s two leads according to the correct polarity, and then the driver power plug is inserted into a 220V AC power outlet. The other is to connect all the lamp beads, mix many resistors in series. Connect the two output lines of 12V DC power supply (regulated or unregulated are available) corresponding to the positive and negative terminals of the lamp directly, and then plug the power supply into 220V AC power socket. You can also use a 12V battery pack to drive the light bar now.

Gold strip light

1)Basic structure

The strip includes a power plug, a power conversion, a connector, and a strip (length is about 2 meters).

The width of the strip is 12mm, and the width of the light-emitting LED conductor is 8mm.

▲ Structure of golden LED strip

(2) Structure of the connector

The structure between the strip and the power supply is straightforward. As the figure below.

▲ The structure between the strip and the power supply

(3) Rectifier Module

A rectifier bridge exists between the power plug and the lamp strip to convert the 220V AC into pulsating DC.

▲ Rectifier bridge in rectifier module

There are two significant sections of the lamp strip—Connect in parallel.

Each section of the strip is present with a set of LEDs, resistors in series. The applied 220V full-bridge rectifier drives them to emit light.

The plastic sealed ribbon will not be disassembled for analysis to keep the ribbon intact for future applications.

A 220V gold LED strip for structural analysis. Basically, from its structure, it can not apply the application in the car model through detection.

Preliminary analysis, the source of the gold color is based on the yellow color of its sub-assembly material. The LED light-emitting wick shows not yellow but white.


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