1500W/2000W DC 12V to AC 220V Portable Car Power Inverter Charger Converter Adapter Universal EU Socket Auto accessories

Product Model: DXP-2000

Product Specifications: DC12V input, AC220V output

Product Power: 2000W

Product Size: 250*55*105mm

Product Weight: 1.1kg

Product Category: Car Inverter, Car Inverter Power Supply, Inverter, Inverter Power Supply

Technical parameters

    Input voltage: DC10-15V

    Output voltage: AC220±5%

    Output frequency: 50HZ±2

    Low voltage alarm (no-load): DC 10.0- 11.0V

    Low voltage shutdown voltage (no-load):High voltage shutdown voltage (no-load):>DC15V

    No-load loss: <0.3A

    Conversion efficiency:>90%

    Output power:1500W

    Output waveform: modified sine wave

2000W 6

Practical range:

Office equipment Laptop computers, cell phones, printers, monitors

Home appliances: TV, VCR, stereo, DVD, VCD, and refrigerator

Outdoor Travel: Field lighting, microwave ovens, cooking, etc.

Outdoor work: Power tools, vehicle assistance, disaster relief, business promotion, etc.

Recreation: Mobile phone, PDA, digital camera, battery charging, GPS satellite navigation, etc.

Why choose us

1. using imported components, advanced circuit design, making the inverter conversion efficiency of up to 90%, strict production quality management system, modern flow production, ensure product quality.

2. complete product specifications for different standards at home and abroad; the products are divided into several series of products, such as the United States, Britain, France, and Japan, and can also be designed according to customer needs.

3. The internal protection circuit to prevent the impact of electrical impulses or voltage fluctuations can allow the compressor, TV monitors, and other shock power appliances to start safely. The power switch can completely cut off the internal circuit after the break can protect the battery from damage.

4. self-protection design, when the voltage is lower than 10V, it will automatically shut down to ensure that the battery has enough power to start the vehicle.

5. automatically shut down when overheating or overload; it will automatically start again after restoring normal.

6. no noise when working; regular use can run for years without maintenance.

7. Various input and output modes: 12V input, 24V input, cigarette lighter input, direct battery input, 220V AC output, 110V AC output, etc., which can fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign users for AC power.

8. The product adopts an aluminum alloy shell, High-pressure plasma titanium plating process on the surface: high hardness, stable chemical composition, anti-oxidation, and beautiful appearance.

2000W 9



Ena Leung

Ena Leung

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