110v to 24v power supply

EPS Power supply total price

Aluminium Shell Chassis Power Supply

Output Power: 5- 600W, 100-240v Input Voltage,175-240V Input Voltage

DC Output Voltage: 24V DC Output Current 1A-25A

RISE TIME: 500ms,30ms / 230VAC 1200ms / 115VAC at full load

LED switching power supply/lighting transformer

Calculate the watts of the LED driver for CCTV cameras

Product Feature

1. Aluminum shell classical series, mainly used in LEDs fields, such as CCTV.

2. Fanless mesh cooling design, no noise from the fan, quiet.

3. 100% full load burn-in test.

4. Protections: short circuit Protection, overload Protection, over-voltage Protection, over temp protection

110v to Output Voltage 24v power supply indoor using

15W Power Supply

25W Power Supply

35W Power Supply

60W Power Supply

100W Power Supply

150W Power Supply

200W Power Supply

250W Power Supply

300W Power Supply

350W Power Supply

400W Power Supply

500W Power Supply

DatasheetSeries No.Water
AC input
DC output
DC output
15W 12/24VPS15-W1V12IP2085*58*37.50.17100-240V12V1.25A15W
25W 12/24VPS25-W1V12IP2085*58*37.50.17100-240V12V2.08A25W
35W 12/24VPS36-W1VIP2085*58*37.50.20100-240V12/24V3/1.5A35W
60W 12/24VPS60-W1VIP20111*78*360.26100-240V12/24V5/2.5A60W
100W 12/24VPS100-W1VIP20129*98*400.45100-240V12/24V8.33/4.16100W
120W 12/24VPS120-W1VIP20129*98*400.45100-240V12/24V10/5A120W
150W 12/24VPS150-W1VIP20160*98.3*49.30.45100-240V12/24V12.5/6.2A150W
200W 12/24VPS200-H1VIP20160*98.3*49.30.58175-240V12/24V16.6/8.33A200W
250W 12/24VPS250-H1V FIP20160*98.3*49.30.58175-240V12/24V20.8/10.4A250W
250W 12/24VPS250-H1VIP20160*98.3*49.30.58175-240V12/24V20.8/10.4A250W
350W 12/24VPS350-H1VIP20199*99*500.72175-240V12/24V29.2/14.5A350W
400W 12/24VPS400-H1VIP20199*99*500.72175-240V12/24V33.3/16.7A400W
500W 12/24VPS500-H1VIP20199*99*500.78175-240V12/24V41.6/20.83A500W
600W 12/24VPS600-H1VIP20199*99*500.78175-240V12/24V50/25A600W
60W 5VPS60-W1V5IP20111*78*360.26100-240V5V12A60W
100W 5VPS100-W1V5IP20160*98.3*49.30.45100-240V5V20A150W
200W 5VPS200-H1V5IP20199*110*500.78175-240V5V40A200W

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